4 Things To Ask When Planning A Mansion Wedding

For couples searching for the perfect wedding venue, a mansion is a terrific locale. Mansions tend to boast elegant decor and gorgeous grounds that create a stunning backdrop for your wedding photos. When planning a mansion wedding, here are a few things you should ask to assist with planning and preparing for your big day. 1. What areas of the mansion are included in your rental agreement? Depending on the size and ownership of the mansion, you may not have access to all of the grounds for your wedding.

Reasons To Have Cocktails Before Your Wedding Ceremony

Traditionally, it's common for weddings to feature a cocktail hour sometime between the ceremony and the reception. While there's nothing wrong with adopting this idea, it's fun to remember that your wedding is your big day — which means that you can structure things however you want. If you want to offer a non-traditional experience, consider serving cocktails to your guests for an hour or so in advance of the ceremony.