4 Las Vegas TV Weddings To Help Inspire Your Own Ceremony

Las Vegas may be known as the city of lights, but it's also the unofficial wedding capital of the United States. If you want to get married in Vegas, then there are a lot of different ways to plan the wedding. Las Vegas wedding chapels have been the focus of many television shows. Using these shows, you can take concepts and ideas to create the ultimate Las Vegas wedding of your dreams.

5 Ways To Host An Eco-Friendly Wedding Ceremony

A wedding is filled with a lot of decorations, party elements, and celebrations. During this one event, a lot of waste can occur through garbage, electricity, and driving. When working with your wedding chapel, you can make a variety of changes that will help reduce the carbon footprint of your wedding. The following five changes will still create an elegant event and help showcase your love for the environment. Many of the changes are easy to implement using current wedding chapel settings.